Saturday, December 19, 2015

We followed the shore line

. We followed the shoreline today and while looking for a park to eat at we ended up looking at St Vincent's island. Birds, Dolphins galore and a beautiful  sunset. We stopped and talked and ended up staying the night. That have several migrating birds. We have a tree about 3 lots away with Eagles that we're having some kind of commotion. Then settling down in their nest. Looks like are three of them? There are several here. 

Momma and I both were blessed with ticks last night.  Momma got mine out but Grandma can't and Daddy has gotten around to getting Momms yet😹 those buggers hurt after awhile. Get ready Janice we will be there Monday and I think you will get to do surgery to get him out of Momma's leg. It's right where she can't reach it. But she is putting stuff on it hope that does the job. 

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