Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have been having a great time

We are having a great trip. We loved Panama City and left before storms hit and weather turned cold. Spent a beautiful Christmas with Cousins Janice and John and Unk. Going on the boat having a jungle adventure with new friends Steve and Paula Corrigan and Buster and meeting Jarvis. Having a Tikki Christmas. Johns son and his family joined us for a holiday celebration. Janice is a awesome cook and we all left fattened up and full of yummy food. We  went to the Cherry Pocket good food and drinks and live music. Momma loves this place so does Daddy and Grandma (who sang all the songs).
It has been a fun trip so far. Daddy has kind of behaved as well as he can any way. We are here at Tarpon Springs and Palm Harbor for another 6 days we like it here. We might stay in Florida as Phoenix is cold as well as the states we have to go through. If we want cold weather we would of stayed home in Michigan.
Beautiful ocean, gentle breezes and good food and friends. I could get use to this.

visiting a turpentine still

Buster my new friend

                             Mom with two of her boys from school days. John Sutton and Steve Corrigan

                                         Was that really a alligator? cool. Daddy wouldn't catch him for me

                                         Cousin Janice and I at head of boat. we had best seats on the boat

                                                       Daydreaming loving the boat

                                                            My cousin John being naughty

                                                    Day dreaming

                                             My handsome Daddy whiskers and all

                                       Birds Island...thousands of birds come to nest at night

                                                      yes the spots are birds

                                         We always find beautiful sunsets where ever we go

                                               Grandma framed in sunset with Sophie

                                          I am tired, I need a good nights sleep this vacation thing is hard work


  1. Best update yet. Glad you are having a good time. Bet you mom will be sorry she got rid of her sweatshirts and sweaters as you move on.

  2. Happy New Year from Margaret

  3. Good to hear you're having a Grand time in Sunny Florida! From Margaret