Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gator Lake photos

Momma loved her hike around Gator Lake. It was amazing to see so many Herons in one spot. The small island had over 70  pairs of them nesting. All around the lake were nests every where you looked. It seemed like every tree had a nest on it. Momma kept saying Aunt Belva should see this she would love it. But she says that a lot unless it is a owl than its Aunt Linda.  She kept forgetting to look down for gator. There were places you had to walk heel to toe to get through. I wasn't allowed to go and Daddy didn't want to so she went alone. Over half way in seeing how thick the trail was in places Momma started wondering how great of a plan it was to do this trail alone. But it was so worth it!

We had great horned owls and eagles in our camp last night at Indian Path and St. Vincent's Island.

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