Monday, January 18, 2016

Our new campsite

We are in a quant little camp that so happens to be behind the Skunk Ape Research Center I am happy but Robin wasn't to sure about it when I told him about it. He made the reservations and found the place. I had nothing to do with it. 

We are on the outside of the Everglades National Park. Our door is 5 feet from the swamp. Awesome but we are being extra careful with the dogs. Gator and snake bate is no joke here. 

Out of our door 5 feet away
To the othe road side of our site


  1. Yes Momma and I are fascinated by them. They are like Big Foot of the Everglades. Google them they are awesome

  2. Leave it to your momma. She always did attract the weirdos. That's how we met. So I guess you need to watch out for alligators and skunk monkeys.

  3. Guess that explains why you and she are friends.